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WoodsCamp is the technology platform building trusted relationships in partnership with America's four million woodland owners.

In regions where the nation's forests are predominantly in private ownership (as opposed to state owned), the forest conservation and forest products industries must coordinate their work across a fragmented mosaic of woodland ownerships where landowners increasingly struggle to align their options with their values in determining how to build the health and wealth of their family forests.

For most woodland owners, not knowing what to do, it's easier to do nothing. 

Recently acquired by the American Forest Foundation (AFF), the WoodsCamp team is committed to AFF's mission of ensuring the sustainability of America's family forests. We are achieving this by developing online tools and world class support for landowners and partners as they act across millions of acres to ensure clean water, wildlife habitat and sustainable wood for present and future generations.

By leveraging emerging technologies, datasets and cloud services, we are unlocking impact at scale for half of America's forested land.

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