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We are a fast-growing, crypto-native, fintech company based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, and we offer employees great hardware, flexible hours, remote work, great benefits, and a best in class work experience.

We're building Groundhog - an end-to-end crypto payment platform that's supercharging Ethereum e-commerce.
Consisting of:

  • a consumer crypto wallet (Groundhog Wallet),
  • a merchant payment gateway (Groundhog Pay),
  • and decentralized node-based infrastructure (Groundhog Operator),

The Groundhog Network enables all types of payments (e-commerce, P2P), with a specific focus on recurring subscription payments and the dApp economy as a whole.

Come supercharge crypto e-commerce and make a global impact by helping move the entire blockchain ecosystem forward.

Come #BUIDL with us.

  • Groundhog is a spin-out of BlockCrushr Labs, an internationally award-winning blockchain development studio.
  • You'll be surrounded by a world-class mindset every day.
  • Groundhog is a Techstars company.
  • Our belief is that a strong company comes from the people it employs - we'll work hard every single day for you.

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