The Opportunity

Dartmouth, NS
Full-time - Permanent

This critical management position is responsible to manage and effectively lead the provincial Emergency Health Services (EHS) Medical Communications Centre (MCC), which serves an essential function within the Nova Scotia public safety and health systems. This manager will ensure high reliability functioning of MCC processes, infrastructure and systems through excellent leadership, planning skills and effective collaboration with EHS Operations, EHS LifeFlight, Specialty Services, Medical First Response, Patient Flow and other partners in the health system and emergency services. The Manager of Medical Communications and Deployment will ensure EHS service levels for call-taking, coordination, deployment and dispatch to meet contractual and customer service requirements and collaborating and implementing changes to improve service levels.

The Manager of MCC and Deployment, reporting to the Senior Manager of Medical Communications and Patient Flow, is charged with building the capabilities and success of the MCC leadership and front-line team through the use of their fundamental leadership skills that include planning, organizing, directing, and motivating team members. The incumbent will also communicate organization philosophy so that there is shared realization of goals within the MCC, EMC and the overall EHS system.

As an employee of EMC we are accountable to our patients and coworkers by participating in and supporting all safety related initiatives, as well as acting in a manner that fosters a culture that focuses on patient safety and a safe workplace.

What you'll do


Duties and Responsibilities:

The position entails, but is not limited to the following:


  • Provides leadership and direction for effective policies and practices for call-taking, EHS unit resource dispatch/deployment, coordination and support of front-line EHS providers, clinicians and leadership team members.
  • Ensures effective internal collaboration between MCC with Patient Flow, the MCC Clinical Team, Operations, Specialty Services, EHS LifeFlight and 811 TeleCare.
  • Ensures MCC policies, procedures and best practices are in line with industry standards, evidence-based and are reviewed and updated frequently.
  • Responsible to work with the Data Management Team and others for the production and validation of government and internal reports and dashboards.
  • Ensures processes are in place for business continuity planning specific to the MCC, including transitioning to and operating from the Backup MCC site.


  • Oversees the development, management and updating of the EHS emergency System Status Plan (SSP) to ensure optimal community and geographical coverage and EHS response times.
  • Leads the System Status planning process and continuous improvements, including the use of technology and data to inform SSP management and deployment.
  • Responsible for EHS response time performance reconciliation and reporting. Uses data to inform recommendations for improvement.
  • Ensures the MCC's consistent application of deployment guidelines for all EHS unit types, including, Specialty Services, single response units and EHS LifeFlight.
  • Works closely with the Patient Flow Manager and EHS LifeFlight to optimize deployment processes for EHS transfers.Ensures the MCC's consistent and timely application of MFR notification processes


  • Provide leadership, guidance and mentorship to the Medical Communications Centre supervisor team, to enable them to effectively lead their respective teams.
  • Empowers and delegates responsibility with accountability and regular feedback
  • Fosters a spirit of teamwork and unity with the MCC team and among other EMC departments, creating a culture of support, inclusion and equality within the MCC.
  • Proactively manages and monitors MCC staffing and vacancy levels. Works with Human Resources to develop and implement effective recruitment and retention strategies for the MCC.
  • Works with Health and Wellness to ensure adequate supports are in place for MCC team members.
  • Leads employees using performance management and development process to encourage supervisor and employee contribution, development and goal setting.
  • Works closely with the Supervisor of MCC Quality and Education to identify education/training needs for the MCC team, and supports training plans.
  • Supports and fosters quality improvement, high performance and ensures EMC maintains MCC accreditation requirements. Works closely with the Quality and Change Management teams to support changes in process and practices to ensure improvements are realized as effectively as possible.
  • Serves as most responsible manager for projects and initiatives in the MCC, and provides representation and direction for projects that can impact the MCC.
  • Works with external stakeholder partners, to proactively develop and implement integration and collaborative programs with health system and emergency services partners.
  • Represents the EHS system and the EHS Medical Communications Centre externally.


  • Works with the responsible managers in System Support to ensure the overall maintenance of the physical primary EHS Medical Communications Centre and the Backup Site, including planning, forecasting and identifying budget requirements.
  • Works with project teams, vendors and other key stakeholders, to ensure physical resources changes are smoothly implemented within the MCC


  • Works closely with the Manager of Data and Applications and the Manager of Information Technology to ensure the software, databases and systems are optimized, well managed, highly reliable and meet industry standards.
  • Working with the Manager of Data and Applications and Manager of IT, plays a significant role in developing and updating the MCC Systems road mapping plans, projects and implementation of system changes and upgrades.
  • Maintains and continuously expands expertise and knowledge of industry standards in relation to computer aided dispatch and other MCC technological systems.
  • Ensures policies and processes are in place to manage system privacy and user access requirements.

What you'll need



Education / Experience:

  • Minimum of five years management experience in a health operational or service delivery organization required, ideally EMS operations, medical communications (dispatch) or relevant health care environment.
  • Experience in dealing with multiple stakeholders and building strong relationships with partners.
  • Training in topics required that are relevant to EMS leadership and health services management required, including, project and change management, information technology, finance, and human resources.
  • Management leadership experience in a large operational and geographically dispersed organization, ideally in healthcare or public safety telecommunications considered an asset.
  • Experience leading a unionized environment considered an asset
  • Undergraduate degree or equivalent education is required. A Masters degree in related field is an asset (e.g. business, healthcare administration, public administration, etc.).
  • Experience working in one or more of the following is an asset: performance-based contracted setting, provincial government.
  • Valid Nova Scotia driver's license
  • Experience as a health clinician is an asset; current licensure is an asset but not required.
  • Experience as an emergency medical dispatcher is a strong asset as is education related to emergency medical and/or public safety communications. Must be willing to obtain and maintain EMD certification.

Knowledge & Skills:

  • Must have a comprehensive understanding of System Status Management;
  • Solid managerial/supervisory experience
  • Uses logic and reasoning to analyze, understand, and evaluate complex situations. Consideration and use of alternative approaches to a situation
  • Effective written, oral, and presentation skills;
  • displays an overall aptitude for negotiation and dispute resolution skills: collaboration;
  • Leads team members by example and practices good time management;

Physical Requirements:

The employee will spend various periods of sitting, standing, walking, crouching, lifting, and / or carrying light objects; required to maintain one position for possible long periods of time, such as sitting at meetings, or at a desk setting; employee will be reading data or inputting data, report writing, operating a word processor, computer, calculator, and talking on the telephone; use and exposure to general office equipment such as fax, photocopier, printer, and personal computer; exposure to moderate noise levels.

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Emergency Medical Care Inc. (EMC)

Emergency Medical Care Inc. (EMC) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Medavie Health Services (MHS) that manages and operates ground ambulance, air medical transport and the medical communications operations in Nova Scotia through a performance-based contract with the provincial government's Emergency Health Services (EHS) Operations division and the Department of Health and Wellness.

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Emergency Medical Care Inc. (EMC) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Medavie Health Services that manages and operates ground ambulance, air medical transport and medical communications operations in Nova Scotia through a performance-based contract with the provincial government's Emergency Health Services (EHS) division and the Department of Health and Wellness. EMC also operates TeleHealth 811 Mental Health and Addictions for Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island for the Department of Health.

EMC delivers a high-quality pre-hospital care program and Telehealth service to Nova Scotians every day. We achieve this through more than 1,400 employees, including highly-trained paramedics, nurses, medical communication officers, and support staff.

As an employee of EMC, we are accountable to our patients and coworkers by participating in and supporting all safety-related initiatives and acting in a manner that fosters a culture that focuses on patient safety and a healthy, safe and respectful workplace

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