The Opportunity

Halifax, NS
Can work Remote
Information Technology
Full-time - Permanent

Under the direction of the Product Senior Directors, the Data and Training Analyst will be responsible for planning, coordinating, and executing performance data capture from Bluedrop's various simulators (in-house and in-field) and live-event exercises. The individual is also responsible for identifying optimal data analysis and statistical techniques for analysing the performance data of military and aerospace crew (e.g., hoist operators, drivers, gunners, commanders etc.).

What you'll do


  • Research and propose techniques for measuring individual and collective training and performance in the Aerospace and Defence sectors
  • Training data management, including standardizing, combining, and summarizing data (often from several sources) for reporting and other initiatives as needed.
  • Participate in corporate data warehouse development and preparing data for loading/storage.
  • Interview Bluedrop customers and partners to document performance, training data collection and analytics requirements
  • Develop training and performance data collection artifacts (e.g., surveys; evaluations; checklists)
  • Travel to customer sites to plan, coordinate and/or oversee data capture during simulator exercises and/or live exercises
  • Ensure data is collected and managed according to relevant research ethics guidelines and standards
  • Identify appropriate statistical techniques for analysing collected data
  • Perform statistical or data analysis, using various tools, to identify patterns or statistically significant correlations
  • Identify the statistical methods for the software development team to implement in Bluedrop's IMPACTS software
  • Collaborate with software development team to design instructor interfaces for training metrics and feedback
  • Collaborate with the Bluedrop IMPACTS product development team
  • If candidate has the expertise, evaluate, and propose deep learning and machine learning algorithms for data analysis

What you'll need


Bluedrop is looking for the right person, not just the right qualifications. We want someone that is passionate about training development and wants to work to innovate how we adapt and evolve the training continuum. We are looking for someone that sees solutions, loves to work together with a dynamic team and sees every problem as a possibility to learn something new. We believe that everyone brings their own unique experiences to the table, and we value the perspectives of those that have served to innovate the way forward for those still serving. If this sounds like you, we encourage you to apply and have a conversation with us!

  • Bachelor's degree in a technical field is preferred, such as data analytics, data/information management, statistics, or mathematics (other degrees or related experience will be considered)
  • Former military Observer Controller Trainer (OCT), training development officer (TDO) or instructor experience is considered an asset.
  • Must be able to obtain a Government of Canada security clearance.
  • Previous experience in training development and/or performance/training evaluation, is a definite asset
  • Previous experience designing and executing training/performance evaluations, surveys, and analytics
  • Excellent knowledge and experience with a statistical software package (e.g., MATLAB, SPSS, ...)

  • Software development experience an asset, particularly in areas of statistics and/or deep learning.

  • Comfortable travelling to customer sites in both a data capture/analysis and a customer-facing role

We're looking for

Core Skills

Data Analysis Mathematics Statistics Training

A little bit about us

Bluedrop Training & Simulation

Bluedrop Training & Simulation Inc. (BTS) operates within the defense and aerospace industry where it designs and develops highly specialized, high performance, tactical training for front line operators of equipment working in complex environments and high-risk situations. This includes, training systems needs analysis, custom courseware development, virtual simulation training devices, and ongoing training support for in service support. Typical customers include Tier one OEMs such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin and Sikorsky.